Oleg 👋
Being a passionate developer and entrepreneur, I've built several products, most notable of which you will find below.



Anonymous question

A service that enables you to ask and answer anonymous questions from your friends.

Unique monetization strategy

Users are able to chat with those who wrote anonymous question. But this is a paid feature.

Over 5 million users

Amafan was originally introduced on the VK app platform under the name "Спроси" (which means "ask" in Russian) and quickly gained hype.

It is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

My role in the project

  • co-founder
  • Full backend development
  • Partly product management.

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CTO & co-founder

Chat platform for communities

Like slack but open to the world, discoverable and connected.

Raised 1.5M USD

From: General Catalyst, Floodgate, KPCB, Mail.Ru Group

My role in the project

  • CTO and co-founder
  • Full backend, including more than 200 api methods, scalable realtime event system and custom database implementation on top of FoundationDB.
  • Tech team management.
  • Partly product management.

Cross platform apps

Native iOS, Android and Web apps; Highload tested auto-scalable backend using FoundationDB.

Chat, channels, interview

Capture allows you to add different communication tools to your commmunity.



Indie messenger!

Where you can chat with friends without knowing who is who. Identities are hidden, and data is encrypted. Check out my Medium post.

Rich chat interface

Cool and fresh chat interface with stickers generated specially for you.

Be anonymous, be a Cat!

Second level of anonymity, you can post as a Cat.


What people secretly discuss around you geographically and among your friends and mutual friends.

Start new talks instantly

Want to discuss something? Just write it down and you are good to go!

My role in the project

  • Founder
  • Team management
  • Backend and infrastucture.
  • PR
  • Investment (I invested my personal savings to pay for iOS development)



Take a selfie

Just look at the camera! Stickerface will recognize your face and take a photo automatically

Adjust the result

Cool editor allow you to change your appearance. Its also available in SDK.

My role in the project

  • AI model training
  • Backend and infrastucture
  • Managing artwork
  • Team management
  • Investment (invested my personal savings into graphics)

Get your personal stickers!

Stickerface uses AI to generate stickers based on your appearance.

Share result

Stickers can be exported to messengers. Telegram bot also available.


Product Owner (developed inside VK)

Turn any photo into Artwork

Using the most advanced neural networks (for 2016) - Vinci turns any photo into art.

From start to launch in 1 month

We launched just one month later than Prisma app, the app was made less than in a month.


3 million photos were processed every day on the first month after launch.

My role in the project

  • Backend.
  • Partly AI development and training.
  • Tech team management.

Became independent

I took this project with me after resigning from VK. Optimised backend 6x and hosted it on my personal server.


Product Owner (developed inside VK)

Better alternative to instagram

Snapster was faster, smoother, less buggy and had more features then instagram (at the moment of launch).

Photo sharing app with advanced photo editor

Many features we introduced came to instagram only after several years

Two versions

Product had two iterations:

1) fully functional instagram clone with shareable filters and expirable messages (instagram had no messages back then)

2) Tool to exchange photos with people who are important to you.

We got the attention

  • 200k DAU at the peak
  • Mentioned on a state TV

My role in the project

  • Founded project
  • Team hiring
  • Project management
  • Backend development
  • Managed launch and PR activities

Check out the editor

The project is closed. But app without social functionality (just editor) is still there.

iOS Android

You can also check the old UX video of the second version of the product


Product Manager / Senior Fullstack Developer

What is VK?

VK is the largest Russian social network with more than 90 million monthly active users.

Masks for stories

As a Product Manager launched masks in VK's stories before same feature was introduced in Instagram and Facebook.


Developed significant part of VK's API.

For 3 years I was the only developer responsible for API.

I was also responsible to most technical integrations and relevant communications with partners.


At the moment when I've switched to management (year 2015):
50% of all git commits at VK backend codebase were made by me.

Video service

Held responsibility over VK video service for 2 years.

Developed VK documents service.

A file sharing tool, that allows users to upload any files and send them via messages or publish to feed and groups.

Widgets for external websites

Developed most of VK widgets for external websites.